Alk Phenix

Orbit T-Shirt - Technista 48 - Black

$155 USD

Lightweight technical TEE using “technista® 48 (Tekunista® 48)”, a stretch knit polyester. Made with draping techniques and reduced sewing by thread friction and stress during wear to the body is released and reduced making it comfortable and increase mobility. Equipped with a wireless earphone pocket on the back of the collar.

Material Composition
Technista ® 48 (100% Polyester)

Size S Length 66.5cm |  Width 58.5cm | Sleeve 43.5cm
Size M Length 68.5cm | Width 60.5cm | Sleeve 45cm
Size L Length 70.5cm | Width 62.5cm | Sleeve 46.5 cm
Size XL Length 72.5 cm | Width 64.5 cm | Sleeve 48 cm
*all measurements are approx

Regular Fit