Alk Phenix

Dome Coat - EPIC - Black

$399 USD

unique silhouette super lightweight coat made of uniquely developed super water repellent material "EPIC NY (Epic)" a 20d 2-way stretch nylon ripstop. Functional fiber "Thunderon® (Saunderon)" is sewn in the inner stitch as it has a very high conductivity and corona discharge property  suppressing the generation of static electricity caused by friction. Equipped with reflector prints all over and secure visibility from all directions when walking at night,  snap button to improve lightness and storability as well  as voluminous dome-shaped draw-cord specification hood that is supposed to be worn from above while carrying a backpack.  The coat can be carried compactly if stored in the attached pouch.

Material Composition
EPIC NY 20d 2-way stretch ripstop (100% Nylon)

Size XS Length 83cm |  Width 65cm | Sleeve 84.5cm
Size S Length 85cm |  Width 67cm | Sleeve 87cm
Size M Length 87cm  | Width 69cm | Sleeve 89.5m
Size L Length 89cm | Width 71cm | Sleeve 92cm
Size XL Length 91cm | Width 73cm  | Sleeve 94.5cm
*all measurements are approx

Oversized  Fit