Nigel Cabourn

3-Pack Army Socks - Ivory

$99 USD

Contains 3 different types of socks.
Type 1 (Right) Open-end spun yarn, introduced in the 1950s, the surface of this yarn has a moderate hardness and is characterized by a smooth and dry touch. Designed from the Socks during the Vietnam War.

Type 2 (Middle) Ring spun yarn, developed around the 1830s, is a spinning technique that is one of the oldest, basic spinning method by machine which has been handed down in modern times. Designed from 1940s American military boots socks.

Type 3 (Left) Voltex spun yarn, an epoch-making method using modern Japanese spinning technology. The short fiber fluffs go into the thread and feature a very smooth touch. Designed from high-quality socks worn by the NATO army appropriate for the modern era.

Material Composition
Type 1: 95% Cotton | 5% Nylon
Type 2: 83% Cotton | 17% Nylon
Type 3: 91% Cotton | 8% Nylon | 1% Polyurethane 
Made in Japan

One Size
Sole 25-28cm
*all measurements taken with garment lying flat and may have a slight difference of 1-2cm