Alk Phenix

Zak Vest - Karu Stretch

$348 USD

A bag-integrated vest with a large storage space behind the body, employing a lightweight, durable water-repellent stretch material "karu stretch (cal stretch)" a Nylon Taslan 2-way stretch taffeta with a texture originally developed. Functional fiber "Thunderon® (Saunderon)" is sewn in the inner stitch as it has a very high conductivity and corona discharge property  suppressing the generation of static electricity caused by friction. Equipped with adjustment belts on both sides and a fastener pocket on the sides that is equipped with a cable hole for charging mobile devices.

Material Composition
Karu Stretch Nylon Taslan 2-way stretch taffeta ( 91% Nylon / 9% Polyurethane )

Size M Length 50cm  | Shoulder 38.5 cm
Size L Length 54cm | Shoulder 41.5cm
*all measurements are approx

Regular Fit