Reading Pants - White

$279 USD

From COW BOOKS' wear series, Reading Pants is tailored with the original fabric "Bookvender Stripe" by Miyata Textile. "Bookvender Stripe" fabric features blue threads woven into 100% white cotton, making it comfortable to relax and read in. Featuring a total of 4 slit pockets, which are designed to prevent mobile phones and keys in your pocket from slipping out when you sit or bend.

Material Composition
100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Size M Waist 90cm (rubberize) | Rise 29.5cm | Inseam 54cm | Hem 19cm
Size L Waist 96cm (rubberize) | Rise 31cm | Inseam 58cm | Hem 19.5cm
*all measurements are taken with item lying flat and may have a slight difference of 1-2 cm

Image Credits: COW BOOKS