Hender Scheme

Tail Belt

$112 USD

Hand-stitched leather belt with intentionally long tail that sticks out stylishly when worn. Seven holes allow the belt to accommodate between 73.5-89 cm (29-35”).

Material Composition
Patent Cow Leather

Made in Japan
Size : One Size
W124 x H1.5 x D 0.4 cm
*all measurements are approx

Note: This product takes advantage of the original texture of the leather, so the color taste The texture is different for each point. In addition, because it takes advantage of the unique texture of leather, some color unevenness, dirt, may be seen scratches. Avoid long-term adhesion with other leather products or vinyl products as this may cause sticking or color transfer. If you bend it strongly, the resin applied to the surface may break, so handle it carefully. Avoid heat and humidity and place in a well-ventilated dark place.