Nigel Cabourn

Mihara Yasuhiro / Running Trainer (Sky Blue Mix) - Blue

$455 USD

A collaboration between Nigel Cabourn and Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro. Taking inspiration from the classic running shoe, combining it with a take on the shape of a vintage running trainer, this shoe has been expertly crafted using Mihara’s Original Sole design, which is designed using a hand-shaped clay mold technique, which creates the wavy, free-form shape of the sole. As well as the clay mold technique, the shoe has been constructed using a tradition shoe-making technique seldom-seen in the sportswear world. The collar of the shoe is padded and created using a combination of suede and mesh panels and has a gripped outsole.

The running shoe has been finished with logos from Cabourn and Mihara, including their classic broad arrow logo on the collar of the shoe.

  • Original sole design 
  • Mix of premium suede and mesh panels 
  • Padded collar
  • Oversized laces 

Material Composition
Upper Shell: Suede Leather 
Sole: Rubber