Alk Phenix

Orbit Shorts - Technista 48

$149 USD

Lightweight technical shorts incorporating “technista® 48 (Tekunista® 48)”, a stretch knit polyester. Made with draping techniques and reduced sewing by thread friction and stress during wear, making it comfortable and increasing mobility. The waist is a drawcord specification. Complete gear loop in the right side pocket.

Material Composition
Outer material: Technista® 48 (100% polyester)

Size M Waist 75-78cm | Inseam 17.5cm | Thigh 35.5cm | Hem Width 27.5cm
Size L  Waist 79-85cm | Inseam 18.5cm | Thigh 36.5cm | Hem Width 28.5cm
Size XL  Waist 83-89cm | Inseam 19.5cm | Thigh 38cm | Hem Width 29.5cm
*all measurements are approx

Regular Fit