Introducing - The Viridi-Anne

Willis Tan

Posted on December 14 2017

Hangtag by The Viridi-anne
Photo ©Supplies&Co.

The Viridi-anne is a Tokyo based label helmed by designer, Tomoaki Okaniwa. A fine-artist by training, Tomoaki Okaniwa launched The Viridi-anne in 2001 to make the leap from canvas to clothing as he felt that he wanted to make a connection with the people on the streets instead of just having a painting on the wall in some gallery. The desire to create clothes for himself was the catalyst for the move from canvas to clothing for the designer. 

The Viridi-anne garment details
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Inspired by the ideas of beauty in simplicity and the passage of time, Tomoaki Okaniwa blends the Japanese Zen ideal of wabi-sabi with contemporary vision; attempting with subliminal detailing and intricate cuts to explore the traces of time and erosion amongst others. Amongst the brand's melancholic beauty, one will discover refined materials alongside ingenious cuts and quality tailoring. 

You can shop the entire collection in-store and online now.

Close up - Utilitarian Bag Vest
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