Introducing OAMC

OAMC does not stand for anything according to Canadian designer and former head designer at Supreme, Luke Meier, the brains behind the label. It was chosen because he liked the way the letters looked graphically. However, he has chosen to have those letters stand for something every season. OAMC for Fall 2017 was On A Midnight Clouded, and for Spring 2018, One Always More Conscious. Though he has been appointed Creative Director of Jil Sander together with his wife, he still remains committed to the label he founded and works tirelessly every season to bring to fruition his unique take on what menswear should be.

OAMC Accessories

OAMC represents a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and innovative techniques. With a wide range of contemporary and modern influences, OAMC seeks to design and produce garments of the highest technical possibility. OAMC goods are produced in Japan, France, Italy and Portugal with limited quantities available with strict adherence to the best in quality standards. OAMC is designed in Paris and developed at the Milan atelier.